Welcome This new and continually evolving project is an online record of historical dates, planetary and personal activations, and other timeline specific information as presented within the huge body of ongoing Tan-Tri-Ahura™ series teachings, and the older ‘Freedom Teachings’ workshops and dispensations. This project is in no way associated with ARhAyas Productions LLC, and is intended as a learning and reference resource for new and current students to assist all involved. We already have a good headstart on compiling this information as this is a continuation of a project worked on a good few years ago by a number of students, but at some point was put to one side. Rather than let this work collect dust we felt it would be of great benefit to share and ‘reboot’ this project in a new and exciting way by presenting the information in graphical scrollable timelines for ease of access and reference.
Get Involved If you would like to join us and assist in this project you are most welcome as this is a huge undertaking. The original ‘Timeline Project’ had multiple students all working together in different countries around the world to build this into an extensive timeline of information. If you feel drawn to assist please click on the ‘Contribute’ tab above for more information. How To Use Simply click on the ‘Timelines’ tab above to select which category you would like to view